I tried dancing for the first time!

I have always been fascinated with dance because the combination of presence in the moment, control over one’s body, and artistic flow that seeps out during movements can be breathtaking. Interested in dance as someone who has admired it but never tried, I decided to participate in a swing dance class. I believe that experiencing dance both as a spectator and a dancer was important for providing unique insight and appreciation to the art form.

Dance is not only creative in the ways that a person moves their body, but equally in the relationship with a dance partner, to the music, the mood of the environment, and culture. Participating in the dance class, I was able to recognize how easy it would be to get lost in the flow of movements, relationships, and experience.

Dance is also interesting because of the many genres and their relationship to culture and history. While I participated in a swing dance class, there are many other forms of dance, each carrying their own unique mood, ambiance, history, and culture.

Following my experience, I am even more interested in individual dance as an art form. I believe that individual dance would have its own unique challenges. During swing dance, I found that the relationship with another person helped me to remain present in the moment and move in a state of flow (receiving constant, direct and immediate feedback from my partner). Dance is attractive to me in the ways that it allows people to tell stories in unique ways, express emotions, and share cultural history. I am excited to continue pursuing dance classes and explore other forms of dance. Salsa anyone?